FPS or Frame Per Seconds is the amount of image that displays on the monitor in one second.

You may hear of FPS if you are a new Gamer or in anything like 3D Design or Game Development.

or according to Wikipedia’s Article on Frame rate :

Frame rate (expressed in frames per second) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames to appear on a display.”

in another word: The More Frame Per Second The Smoother Game and More Joy

What’s The Difference Between 15 and 30 frames per second?

What if FPS
FPS 30 FPS vs 15 FPS

How Much It Matters?

A minimum frame per second of a movie or film to show a move is 24.
But the average for a moie is 24 to 30 frames per second.
The average frame rate for games is 60 but it depends on the game and the device. mobile games are usually 30 or higher. But PC games are much much higher.

How to Make FPS Higher


  1. Update graphic card’s Driver.
    To update the graphic card’s driver in windows. Search Device Manager > Display adapters, under the display adapter, right-click on your graphic card and select Update Driver > Search automatically for updated driver software.
  2. Update the graphic card
    Maybe your graphic card cannot do what you want it to do, maybe it’s to old. So you should replace it with a new graphic card


If You are gaming and want to increase the FPS, you can

  1. change the game’s graphic settings
  2. reduce the resolution

How Much it Matters To Human Eye

But a question remains that how many frames your eyes can see?
Some experts said that the human eye can see about 30 to 60 frames per second.
It means that it doesn’t matter your game’s FPS is 100 or 200
you will see both the same.

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