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  • How To Add a Popup Menu In Unity Custom Editor/Inspector
    What Is Custom Editor In Unity? When developing you are developing a game, sometimes you might need a little more than the default editor. You might need some specific tools for a specific game. Unity has lots of tools and libraries that enables you to create your own tools. Custom … Read more
  • How To Increase Performance in Spacedesk
    What is Spacedesk? Spacedesk is an app that will enable you to share your Windows screen over LAN. In another word, it will let you use your Android Phone(or any other device as a second monitor). It is free and very easy to use. I use spacedesk almost everyday and … Read more
  • Coolest Themes For Visual Studio
    Do you want to look cool when you are coding in Visual Studio?Do you want to just feel cool when programming in Visual Studio? Well here are a few theme extensions to install on your IDE. NOTE : All the themes here are in Visual Studio 2022 How To Change … Read more
  • StaticPlayerPrefs Sample Code
    Here is a Sample Code For StaticPlayerPrefs

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