How to Start Game Development

Maybe you watched a video on YouTube that somebody is a game developer and making a lot of money or “how much my game made after 30 days” or stuff like that.
or one of your friends has made a game and you saw that and got excited about it and thought game development is fun or cool.

The answer is. YES. Game development is actually fun but for those who have at least 1 or 2 years of experience and published a few games and know what they are doing, not when you are a beginner and just learned how to print a “hello world” or “move an object”.

What You Need To Know Before Starting Game Development

When you are a beginner, there are lots of things that you don’t know and things that you must learn or you don’t know how to do this and how to do that and you get confused, you get mad and so on… and you quit.
the point is if you actually want to make a game just don’t quit and keep learning, keep searching and keep practicing.
Every single indie Game Developers that started learning on their own through the internet, has passed these steps.

Who is an indie game developer?

Indie game developers are usually a small team or only one person that makes games.

How To Get Started With Game Development?

Pink an Engine

Well, first you need to choose a Game Engine to start with.
A game engine is a software to create and test games.
There are many game engines out there. start your research and choose one game engine that works for you and start learning about it.

These are the top few game engines to start with:


Unity Logo - How to Be a Game Developer

You probably have seen its logo at the start of many mobile games that you played. Unity is one of the most popular game engines for indie game developers.
There are many tutorials and sources all around the web that you can learn almost anything just by searching the subject on google.

One of the reasons that unity is so popular is the unity asset store where you can download many assets for your game.

Unity uses C# for the scripting and coding of the game which is an advanced-level programming language created by Microsoft. C# is easier than C++ that Unreal Engine uses as the programming language.

Unity also has a visual-scripting asset called bolt that allows you to create the same logic and functionality as coding but without writing a single line of code.

Unity is the game engine that I personally use to create my games. you can check the games that I created here.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Logo - How to Be a Game Developer
Unreal Engine Logo – How to Be a Game Developer

Unreal Engine is an advanced game engine that is used for many AAA games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Gears of War, and many other games.

Unreal Engine is one of the top game engines because of its graphics and capability to create games for almost any platform like PC, Consoles, Mobile, etc…
One of the things that people like about Unreal Engine is its blueprint.
Blueprint is a built-in feature of Unreal Engine that allows you to build the logic of your game like moving the character and shooting without writing code.

Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2 Logo - How to Be a Game Developer
Game Maker Studio 2 Logo – How to Be a Game Developer

Game Maker Studio 2 is the latest version of the Game Maker which initially released in 1999.
Game Maker is focused on 2D games, it has some 3D options but if you want to work 3D Game Maker is not for you.

Game Maker has its own Scripting Language and a built-in visual scripting for logic and functionality of the game.

There are Many other game engines out there that you start with but the Unity and Unreal Engine are at the top of the list.

Start with a Game Development Course

Depend on which game engine you picked. Start watching a course.

There are many courses and videos that you can start watching and learning, and nowadays you can learn anything that’s because almost everybody has shared something on their YouTube Channel. Just by searching you can find them and start learning.

You can even see our blogs about game development and 3D Designing in Blender to find interesting useful tips to learn.

Start Practicing and Creating

After you watched a course or few beginner videos you need to practice what you’ve learned. You will learn a lot when you are learning with doing.

So you start creating. I’m not saying start creating a big game, I’m not even saying create a game. You know that at this level you can not create a playable game but you maybe can create a simple character movement or a simple first-person shooter depend on what course you started with.

I know it may not be fun or easy but, almost every game developer did that, so keep going.

Now Start Creating Your First Game & Become a Game Developer

So now you watched a course and a few videos and you have searched a lot google about the bugs and problems on the way, Now you have a piece of knowledge on how to make a game and you know the basics of how things work.

Pink an idea and start creating it with the knowledge that you have now.
You are most likely going to fail and creating a mess on your first project.
That is the point actually and you will get better and better on every project.
Eventually, you will actually create a playable game. Hey, there you are now a Game Developer, You make games huh?
This first playable game is not going to make you money and even when you upload the game on the play store you are not going to get many downloads. But, you get the point. Start with another idea and make games.

That is the point and you are going to make a better game than the previous one, and better, and better…

Final Word On Your Journey To Become a Game Developer

Always keep learning, Do not stop learning because game development is an industry that always changes, and changes fast so always keep learning.

Good Luck!

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